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delaying to claim ?

If you have been injured in a road accident which wasn’t your fault then you have every right to think about claiming injury compensation. In the immediate repercussion of the accident you tend to be awfully traumatized and maybe suffering from physical pain. But the best advice is always to start thinking about making a claim for compensation as soon after the incident as is possible. Legally speaking, there is a time limit of three years after which in most the cases a compensation claim will not be allowed.

Being involved in road accidents will be difficult and distressing. Road users have a responsibility to exercise caution and care for the safety of their selves as well as others while driving. Even though accidents may occur anytime, so we are in your very reach to help you to obtain the deserved compensation.



We deal with all types of car accident claims, whether you are a passenger, driver or pedestrian, if you have suffered an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence on the roads, you will be able to make a car accident claim for compensation that you deserve.A car crash can be highly disquieting and even relatively minor accidents can cause both physical and psychological injuries. It’s always necessary to be prepared and know what to do in the unfortunate happening of an accident.

First of all it’s imperative to take care of yourself and others. It’s better to seek medical attention right away. It will also prove helpful at the time of proceeding with a personal injury claim.Then it is always preferable to obtain as much as information regarding the contact details and insurance details of those involved.Note down the other vehicle’s model, license number before filing a report by calling the local law enforcement to the scene or going to the nearest police station.

You should not let anything discourage you from making the claim if you have been injured or incurred any financial losses in an accident, we will help you to make your claim, dealing with liable person insurance companies on your behalf.


Road accidents occur frequently and among those bike accidents are more often. That is the reason why it’s advised to take proper care while riding a motorbike. Bringing a claim in motor bike accident for personal injury is different, and requires a particular set of criteria to be met. Your claim will go through an initial assessment to determine the grounds for compensation, if there is sufficient evidence to show that your claims are caused by someone else then this gives you a greater chance of success with your claim.

In order to protect you from being a prey to accidents taking proper care while riding a motor bike is always vital.

The key causes of motor
bike accidents include:

If ever you have been injured in a motorbike accident and you are sure that was not your fault then you can make possible claim for compensation with the right solicitor at the right time.

Drunken drivers
Oil spills
Loss of control
Over confident riding
Careless overtaking
Pit holes


Claiming compensation for a car accident where the other driver is untraced or uninsured can be more complicated. But you can still claim the compensation through the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB).Getting accurate details about the accident is always considered necessary for the success of insurance claims of uninsured and hit and run accidents.If you have been injured by a driver who doesn’t stop or if you discover that thedriver who caused the accident you have been injured in is uninsured, don’thesitate to contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible. Making a claim from MIB is possible only after making every attempt to find the driver who escaped the scene after accident. It is necessary to report the incident to the police within 5 days so that they can try to trace the driver. Our expert solicitors will help you to get your possible claim having experience in dealing with similar cases.

Collect as much as
information as possible like:

Our expert solicitors will help you to get your possible claim having experience in dealing with similar cases.

Person's name and address
Vehicle's model details
Witnesses details
Details of the vehicle damage


Pedestrians are often injured in road traffic accidents; especially children are more vulnerable among them in the UK. Unfortunately accidents can happenanytime while crossing the road or when walking along the roadway because automobile drivers are not vigilant in maintaining a watch on pedestrians or sometimes it happens due to the carelessness of walkers and a hit by car or any other vehicles can cause serious injuries.

Key causes of
pedestrian accident includes:

In all these circumstances, you could claim for compensation. Our expert pedestrian accident solicitors are here to recognize your case and assist you to get compensation claim without any financial risk to you if you do not won the claim

Careless driving
Drunken driving
Over speed driving
Drivers violating traffic rules


Being involved in HGV accidents will be most horrifying than any other road traffic accidents. Due to the massive size and volume of HGV’s impact with them tend to be more vigorous resulting in higher intensity of damage to the vehicles involved and much more severe injuries to the drivers or passengers or othersprone to such accidents.

Some factors that
cause HGV’s include:

Whether you were the Lorry driver or the road user, if you have been involved in the HGV accident and the fault was not on your part, we help you through the claim process to obtain compensation.

Over loading of vehicles
High storm
Low bridges and overhanging branches


Bus is a mode of public transport offering a safe journey occupying large number of people at minimum costs. But accidents can unpredictably happen anytime. Whenever you have sustained an injury whilst travelling in a bus andyou were quite sure that fault was not yours, then you can make a claim for compensation. Getting excellent assistance is required to make possible claim. National Personal Injury Claims are on your side to maximize the chance of your recovery.

Compensation can be
possible if:

The consequences of being involved in a bus accident will be more compared to other accidents.

Fall due to reckless driving
Another vehicle collides with the bus
Suffered whiplash injury


Cyclists are extremely vulnerable to accidents while at roads and injuries will be worse because of total lack of any kind of defending checks. Usually bicycle accidents are caused by the carelessness of other motor vehicle drivers, thus in most accidents fault may not be on your part.

Bicycle accidents
are caused due to:

Our experienced solicitors will be able to advise you on how to proceed with your claim to win significant sums of compensation.

Drivers lack of visibility
Pot holes & cracks
Getting doored
Getting rear ended


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    I had more than one accident and I always look for NPIC to help me.The team is very helpful and they’re always keeping me updated on my case. That’s why whenever I have a problem,I contact them.”
    -Jackson Rodrigues (London, UK)

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